"Hero in Me" Donor Rewards

Because saving lives is kind of a big deal, LifeShare introduces its NEW 

"Hero in Me" Donor Rewards Program!




LifeShare is excited to announce its new loyalty program called the "Hero in Me" Donor Rewards Program. It replaces our previous "Loyal for Life" program. All who give blood (including whole blood, platelets, plasma, double red cells or other automated donations) during a calendar year are automatically recognized in the “Hero in Me” Donor Rewards Program. Anyone who donated since January 1, 2017 will earn points and achieve levels in the new program.

The program uses Bronze, Silver and Gold recognition levels to offer benefits to donors who give regularly during a calendar year. The program also offers reward points for every donation and for being a loyal donor. These reward points can be redeemed for special thank-you gifts in our online Hero Rewards Store.

Click HERE to schedule an appointment and start earning points for your donations or to view and begin redeeming your exisiting rewards points.

Please Note: You must have an account set up first before you can redeem points in the Hero Rewards Store. See below for more information on how to create an account.



LifeShare "Hero in Me" Donor Rewards

"Hero in Me" Rewards Program FAQs

How-To Begin Earning & Redeeming Points 




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