Mothers of May: Dr. Staci Flint


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Mothers of May: Dr. Staci Flint

Kyle Jackson and his mom StaceyDr. Staci Flint has had to watch her son, Kyle Jackson, struggle with health issues his entire life. He was born with a progressive, degenerative disease that doctors said was terminal. His life expectancy was two years – but that was 20 years ago.

Kyle has had major setbacks, including several strokes, upper extremity blood clots and an intolerance to absorbing food. He must get all his nutrition through an IV now, and needs blood transfusions every three or four weeks.

Kyle’s blood type is O negative, which is often in short supply. When he can’t get a transfusion, Kyle’s doctors try other solutions like iron infusion, but that makes him sick. So, his mom has begun urging people to make O negative donations.

Despite his situation, Kyle’s spirits are good. He loves to play basketball, smiles a lot, and keeps a good sense of humor about his numerous doctor appointments, says Staci. She finds her son’s attitude inspirational.

“It is very difficult to see him go through this struggle, but also very encouraging. If he can go through all this and still smile and still want to play basketball, then that’s wonderful to see.

“Even though you have a child that fights for his life on a daily basis, I think it’s important to maintain the best quality of life for that person. It’s important to me not only as a mother, for my son, but for others as well.”