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Blood supplies coast-to-coast are dangerously low due to a severe dip in donations leading up to and following the July 4th holiday, prompting a coordinated nationwide call for donors of blood of all types. Current forecasting projects a shortfall of 5,700 donations throughout our 28-state service area in July and greater shortfalls throughout the summer. These 5,700 donations have the power to help up to 17,100 in need of blood transfusions. This critical need is occurring throughout the country. Patients in need tomorrow are relying on blood donors today to make sure blood is available for both critical and ongoing needs.


Here’s how to help:

  • Make your appointment NOW to donate blood.
  • Share this message with your friends and family.
  • Use Blood Donor Facebook frame to show your support.


If you are currently a platelet and/or plasma donor your donations are very important. Please continue to make and keep your appointments. Our staff will let you know what’s most important for you to donate on any given day.