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We Honor Our Mothers of May

Being a mother can be the most rewarding experience and at the same time the most difficult – especially if your child is suffering from a life-threatening illness. Or if your ability to care for your children is affected by your own illness or injury.

This May, we are proud to share some stories of local Moms who have been impacted by blood donations. Your gift – the selfless act of blood donation – has literally meant the world to them. In many cases, their experiences have inspired them to become advocates for blood donation.

Gavin Campbell and mom

Your battle is my battle.”

Bonnie Campbell and her son Gavin
This is the phrase Bonnie Campbell had tattooed onto her shoulder, along with her son Gavin’s name. “During the tattooing process, when I started to feel fear or pain, I reminded myself about everything Gavin’s going through and fighting through.” Read more.



Kyle Jackson and his mom Stacey

His life expectancy was two years – but that was 20 years ago.

Dr. Staci Flint and her son Kyle
Dr. Staci Flint has had to watch her son, Kyle Jackson, struggle with health issues his entire life. He was born with a progressive, degenerative disease that doctors said was terminal. His life expectancy was two years – but that was 20 years ago. Read more.



DSC00007Once afraid of needles, she’s now a regular donor.

Khaney Martin-Edmonds
Khaney Martin-Edmonds hadn’t considered donating blood until her teenage son, Steven, was diagnosed with cancer. She was scared of blood and needles, as was her son. But once the reality hit home and Steven needed transfusions, she became a blood donor and hasn’t stopped. Read more.



Rachel Salinetro - 1“My son almost lost me, his one and only mom.”

Rachel Salinetro and son Isaac
On May 30, 2014, Rachel Salinetro lay in a coma, her liver lacerated, spleen ruptured, femur broken in four places, three broken ribs, three broken toes, a broken vertebrae in her neck, hairline skull fracture and two brain bleeds. A single mom working three jobs, Rachel had fallen asleep at the wheel after almost two days without sleep, veering off the road and totaling her car. Read more.



DSC00007Donating blood will keep the spirit of my beautiful daughter, Lindsey, and her dream of helping people, alive.

Tracie Rotuno
It was supposed to be a happy day. Tracie Rotuno’s daughter, Lindsey, was celebrating her junior prom with her boyfriend. On the way home, tragedy struck. Read more.