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Saving local lives is the most precious gift of all.  Some of LifeShare’s most dedicated donors give every time they are eligible, but the majority donate only once a year. 

The Loyal for Life program is a fun and exciting way to encourage more donors to become fully committed to ending chronic blood shortages in Northeast Ohio.  Whether you give blood or components, donate at a permanent neighborhood donor center or a mobile blood drive – you are eligible to earn rewards with the Loyal for Life program.

There is no official registration for the club.  You are automatically a member by virtue of donation.  Each consecutive, successful donation you make will be tracked by LifeShare and your reward will be mailed to you in a gift card after the close of the current calendar year.

To maximize your reward, begin donating early in the calendar year (Jan. 1-29) and successfully give blood or components or a combination thereof as often as you are eligible.  The Loyal for Life program runs on the calendar year and begins anew January 1.  Only donations within a given calendar year accumulate toward that year’s gift card; the new year represents a wholly fresh chance to save lives and  begin again accruing gift card rewards.  Gift card rewards are accumulated in this manner:


When you register to give blood or a component, please be certain LifeShare has your correct mailing address; LifeShare is not responsible for gift cards mailed to an incorrect address.  Lost gift cards cannot be replaced.

If you prefer not to be included in this program, you may opt out by e-mailing loyalforlife@lifeshare.cc or calling (440) 322-5700 ext. 300.

Management has the right to enhance, modify or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.  This web page is the only reliable source of current, accurate information on the program.  Previously published or outdated print copies of the program guidelines cannot be honored.


Can I track my donations online?  Yes. Click on the “Sign Up” tab at the top of this page.  Choose “Locations & Blood Drives.”  Click on “Blood Drives & Donor Appointments” and then log in with your e-mail address and date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy).

Only successful donations count toward the program; what constitutes a “successful” donation?  A successful unit is one that can be transfused.  If there is any question about a unit’s suitability for transfusion, the LifeShare laboratory professionals make the determination.

What if I am unable to give a sufficient quantity of blood or a component during a donation visit?  That unit would not be transfusable and would not qualify.  Only a brief deferral period would be required before you can donate again. Your blood collection technician can tell you what the deferral period will be.

How often can I donate? In a 12-month calendar-year it is possible to give: whole blood seven times; double red cells four times (counts as eight donations); plasma pheresis 12 times; or platelet pheresis 24 times. Granulocyte donation is counted as a pheresis donation.  

The rewards for plasma pheresis donation are identical to the platelet pheresis program; however, plasma pheresis may only be given 12 times annually. 

Last Updated On: July 15, 2015
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