True to the vision of its founders in 1948, LifeShare is a community-focused charity. Gifts of blood remain in the community where they were given. But beyond returning blood to the community for area residents’ physical well-being, LifeShare also gives back to the region by supporting the life of the mind.

Students, administration and faculty across Northeast Ohio provide LifeShare with a significant amount of the blood supplied to patients annually. To recognize this tremendous contribution, in 2002 the LifeShare Community Blood Services Scholarship & Grant Program was established.

Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges sponsoring blood drives earn scholarships or grants based on the number of donations made in a school year. Since the program’s inception, LifeShare has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to students’ scholarships and education-based grants.

For an application or for more information on how you can get a grant through LifeShare for your contribution, call our Donor Recruitment Office at (440) 322-5700.